Our Bean Cycle coffee house shares space with Half Crown Creative Space and Singularity to provide our
community a great place to drink coffee, hang out, think, collaborate and support local makers. The Old
Town Fort Collins appeal of wood floors and tall ceilings amid the aroma of freshly roasted beans, comfy
furniture, oddities and the flavors of our artisanal roasted coffee is enticing.

Bean Cycle Roasters
Bean Cycle was founded in 2004 by three siblings, Chas, Lesley, and Penelope. After graduating from CSU
it was difficult to leave our beloved Fort Collins, so we stayed and built something we believed strongly in;
an ecological, social, and economical responsible business based on developing our craft for coffee. We
get excited about the complexities of our craft and creating coffee experiences for our community.


We set out with one goal: curate a collection of unique finds and handmade beauty. It will satisfy the
curious-minded, the mid-mod furniture collectors, the artistic-without- attitude types and those who
believe houseplants encourage world peace. We welcome you to explore, try-on, and imagine a slice of
Singularity in your life. Visit Singularity on Instagram.

Half Crown Creative

Half Crown Creative is a space dedicated to celebrating the creativity that exists locally. With an artist
residency program, exhibition space, and classroom area, we will become a place to learn new skills, see
new work, and build a community of like-minded makers and thinkers. Visit Half Crown Creative on Instagram.


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